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Meditation with Crystals

Updated: Jul 19

Crystals and stones are gaining popularity as accent pieces that provide an earthy touch to home decor. There’s also an increased interest in using crystals for more esoteric purposes.

Cultures around the world have used crystals in healing and meditation practices for thousands of years. But do crystals possess healing powers?

According to crystal healer and certified meditation leader Carol Boote, the answer is yes.

“There’s a long history stretching over thousands of years of the use of crystals for healing and protection, and many forms of meditation for focus and achieving a higher state of consciousness,” says Boote

She believes that crystals have an effect on consciousness.

“The use of crystals in meditation practice can deepen your meditation, provide a focus object, and raise your consciousness and awareness of your higher self,” Boote says.

You might like to experiment to see what method of crystal meditation works best for you. Here are a few recommendations if you’re just starting out.

In the bath - If you’re having trouble relaxing, you may find it helpful to meditate with crystals in a hot bath. “A relaxing method is to meditate in the bath with the crystals in the water. However, this is not suitable for selenite or calcite as they will dissolve.”

Crystal grids or circles, if you don’t want crystals touching your body while you meditate, you can create a crystal grid or circle. Place your crystals in an intentional shape around you or directly in front of you. “Crystal grids are often beneficial and used by setting crystals upon sacred geometry shapes to focus on during mediation,” Boote explains. “These can be set up with a specific issue in mind and left to continue their energy work. This may be personal issues or even a larger community or global problems.”

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